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Fanfiction for Nate and Eliot of TNT's Leverage

Nate: What, are you lurking?
 Eliot: Yeah. I'm a lurker. It's my thing.
                 ---Reunion Job (3.02)

This is a fanfiction community  that focuses on Nate and Eliot. Any type of 'ship is welcome as long as it's all about Nate and Eliot. We welcome case fic, missing scenes, pre-series, post-series, you name it. If your fic tends toward the darker side of life, please add a warning. We also welcome fanart, picscams, screencaps, icons, banners, mood themes, or newsworthy bits of info concerning Nathan/T. Hutton and/or Eliot/C. Kane. 

Please read THE RULES.

Leverage moodtheme made by the wonderful isis2015  and recommended by sheryden!! 


1. No flaming, none at all. Flaming will not be tolerated at any time for any reason. Play nice.

2. Put all items behind an lj cut. Interview videos can be embedded up front or put behind a cut. 

3. Types of fiction allowed -- we allow general, slash, and het fiction. All ratings are accepted. As such, please be aware that adult content in the way of m/m, and m/f relationships can be found here. Additionally, there may be some violent content.

4. Label your artistic endeavor as "not work safe" or "work safe"; gen or slash

5. Spoilers -- There may be spoilers for episodes. Please put a warning in the header.

6. In the body and before the cut, the following header should be used to avoid potential pitfalls: 
<b>Category:</b> Gen, Slash, Het

7. Please leave positive and constructive feedback for authors. We spend hours being entertained by them and they should be acknowledged for it.

8. The Comm maintainers reserve the right to add/delete/modify the rules. As the community grows and feedback is given, the rules may need tweaking. Submit all questions and concerns to snarkcasm or sheryden.

Thank you for your interest. Bring on the fics! Bring on the pics!