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Bound Circumstances, Chapter 7

Title: Bound Circumstances, Chp. 7

Author: fangirl2323

Disclaimer: Characters are not mine. They belong to TNT, Leverage. Just borrowing them for fun

Pairing: Nate/Eliot, master/slave, slash, AU, fiction

Other Characters: Steve Carlson,

Summary: Eliot deals with the consequences of his running away and perhaps discovers a friend

Word Count: 5523

Warnings/Rating: NC-17, bondage, bdsm, m/m sex, swearing

Comments: Thanks to my beta Steffi for all her help!

Eliot watched as Steve crouched down so that he could reach the spreader bar between his legs. Steve worked gently and efficiently as he unlocked each cuff above Eliot’s ankle. There was a “clunk” sound as the steel bar dropped to the floor. When he was finished, Steve picked up the spreader bar and walked over to a five-drawer metal dresser and retrieved some supplies. When he returned, Eliot noticed he had bandages and a tube of something in his hands. Steve saw that Eliot’s eyes were following his movements, so he said, “This is to help the chafed skin on your legs. It won’t hurt. I promise.”

Eliot nodded, “Okay. Thanks.”

Knowing that the older man was watching him, Steve sat down on the floor and gently took first one then the other leg in his hands, carefully wiping them before he rubbed cream on the red areas where the shackles had rubbed; next he bound each one with gauze. When he was finished, he set the supplies aside and stood up again.

Steve carefully moved into Eliot’s personal space and looked into Eliot’s tear-stained eyes. “I’m going to unlock your left wrist, when I do I want you to place your hand on my shoulder so that when I unlock the other wrist you won’t fall, do you understand?”

“Yes.” Eliot whispered hoarsely.

Steve braced himself to take on Eliot’s weight as he carefully unlocked first one, then the other wrist. The hitter let his weight fall forward, then slide down Steve’s body, until his numb feet touched the floor. Once he knew that Eliot was standing, Steve wrapped one arm around Eliot’s waist, “Lean on me. We are going to walk to the doorway in the corner. It’s a bedroom. We will go as slow as you need to, okay?”

Eliot let himself lean against Steve’s frame, putting his left arm across the man’s shoulder. He stood and wiggled his toes and feet for a moment, once he had some feeling in them, he nodded, “I’m ready.”

They moved slowly but rhythmically. Eliot could barely move his numb legs and was surprised at how smoothly they crossed the room. Steve's hold around him was warm and strong and he expertly moved his legs without getting in the way of Eliot's. Clearly the man had done this before. Entering the bedroom, Eliot noticed the queen-sized aluminum bed with low square posts at the bottom of the bed and higher square posts at the headboard which had lamps on top of them. There was a rectangular window above the bed and one on the wall across the room. An aluminum armoire with four cabinets stood against the opposite wall between the window and a door. To his left, a large flat-screen TV was mounted on the wall. A glass and metal desk with built-in white drawers on each side had been placed beneath the TV. A white, eight drawer chest-of-drawers stood against the wall to his immediate right. To his right, against the wall stood a chest of drawers made out of two modules. One module had four drawers. The other module was a single cabinet. On the wall above it hung a rectangular illuminated mirror. On top of the chest stood two porcelain basins and a water pitcher with matching drinking glasses.

Steve noticed Eliot quietly taking in the bedroom. “The door to your left goes into the bathroom. There is a nightlight in there, but I will be here to help you. Do you need to go now?”

“Yeah.” Eliot whispered.

Slowly they began walking toward the bathroom. By the time they were standing in front of the commode, Eliot was exhausted.

“Just lean forward and brace yourself on the wall. I’ll do the rest.” Steve told him softly.

Eliot’s mind screamed NO, but he was in pain from head to toe and desperately wanted to lie down, so he ignored it and did as Steve told him.

When Steve knew he was as steady as he could be, he moved behind the shorter man, placing his body against Eliot’s naked one.

Eliot winced when he felt Steve’s t-shirt and jeans brush up against his bare skin.

“Sorry.” Steve’s voice said close to Eliot’s ear. “It’ll only be for a couple of minutes.”

He wrapped his left arm around Eliot’s waist and used his right hand to hold the man’s penis so that he could urinate. When Eliot was done, Steve backed up and helped Eliot turn around so that they could head to the bedroom.

“You need to lie down on your stomach, so that I can tend to your backside. Do you think you can crawl up on the bed and make yourself comfortable?

“I think so.” Eliot replied.

Steve stood beside him and watched as he climbed on top of the mattress. Eliot bit his lip as he bent his arms and legs which protested loudly. When Eliot quit moving around Steve asked, “You okay?”

“Hurts like hell!” Eliot growled.

“It will for about three days. The first day is the worst.” Steve told him. “I’m going to get supplies. I’ll be back in a couple of minutes.

Eliot started to pull back the white comforter, but his body was too sore to do anything more, so he stretched out on top of it, snagging a pillow to put under his head. The softness of the bed linens and pillow top mattress felt so good to his aching body that he actually sighed in relief. As he lay there, he heard Steve moving around in the bathroom.

After gathering supplies, Steve returned to find Eliot sprawled out on top of the comforter with a pillow under his head. Not sure if his patient was awake or asleep, Steve peered around until he saw Eliot face, eyes closed and relaxed.

“Eliot, can you hear me?”

Eliot grunted.

“Good.” Steve replied as he placed his supplies on top of the desk and snagged the desk chair, moving it beside the bed. “I have to get a couple of more items, but I need you drink this.”

Eliot heard the man, but didn’t want to open his eyes, but he had the feeling that Steve wouldn’t let him get away with it, so he did as he was told. He looked up at Steve, taking note of the light purple t-shirt, worn jeans, turquoise bracelet, and blonde hair tucked behind his ears. He was holding a water bottle in one hand and pills in the other.

He was about to object, when Steve said, “Two Advil, take them.”

Steve unscrewed the cap and handed him a bottle of water. The hitter greedily gulped down half its contents. He felt exhausted after the long ordeal and was grateful for the refreshment. After he was done Steve took the bottle from his hand and placed it on the dresser behind him.

He watched as Steve took the larger basin and headed back toward the bathroom. He could hear water running and cabinet doors opening up. Then water being turned off and Steve’s footsteps against the hardwood floor.

Eliot could feel his weight pressing down on the mattress as he sat down beside him.

“I am going to wash your back and buttocks, first. Let me know if the water is too warm, okay?” Steve explained.

“M’kay” Eliot mumbled.

As gently as he could, Steve took the wet washcloth and gently placed it just below Eliot’s buttocks. “Everything okay?” He asked.

“Yeah, ‘s fine.” Eliot mumbled. A few seconds later he winced at the first touch of the warm washcloth on his ass, but then Steve’s gentle ministrations began to soothe his irritated skin.

“I’m using Cetaphil soap and warm water.” He explained as he moved from one buttock to the other. When he finished, Steve took a plush cotton towel and gently patted the injured area dry.

Eliot protested when the ministrations stopped. He heard Steve’s chuckle and footsteps as the man moved back in front of him. “Hold that thought, because I am now going to do your back.”

Again, Eliot felt the warm washcloth against his skin at his shoulders. He groaned in pain. “Sorry.” He mumbled.

“That’s okay.” Steve told him as he bent over Eliot’s body and slowly washed from shoulder to shoulder and then downward to the top of Eliot’s buttocks. Steve noticed Eliot flinch a time or two, but other than that, his patient was doing well.

Eliot was almost asleep when he felt Steve’s bare hand against his bare ass. “I’m using a cortisone cream to help heal and relieve any itching.” He explained. “You may not itch now, but trust me by tomorrow you will and you cannot scratch.” Eliot hummed as he felt Steve’s hands on every place Nate’s whip had marked him. “You will need to stay on your stomach for a few days in order to give your body time to heal. If you need to go to the bathroom or you want something to eat or drink, just tell me. I will be with you, you won’t be alone.”

“How …?” Eliot started to ask, but stopped to moan as he felt the stinging in his aching ass calm down a bit.

“How long have I been with Nate?” Steve asked, “Ten years going on eleven. What else would you like to know?”

Eliot propped up on the pillow, yawned and asked, “Has Nate ever um, whipped you?”

“Yes. Then he took very good care of me and taught me how to take care of the new slaves.” Steve told him. “You’re the first new slave in a number of years. I can see why Nate bought you.”

Eliot snorted.

Steve chuckled. “Seriously, you are hot. I’m going to get you something for the pain. Once you’ve taken that, you can go to sleep.” Steve told him as he moved back to the bathroom.

Eliot’s face flushed at the compliment. He was glad Steve couldn’t see his face. He closed his eyes and he was just about to go to sleep when he heard Steve, “Roll over on your side for a minute, then I’ll let you go to sleep.”

Eliot grunted, but did as he was told. His eyes snapped open when he felt the warm washcloth on his flaccid cock. He watched as Steve gently cleaned him, before switching to a different cloth and wiping his legs, chest and face. “Better now?”

“Yes.” Eliot replied softly. “Thank you.”

He rolled back onto his stomach and was just about in deep sleep when he felt the navy blanket being placed over his naked, abused body and socks being put on his bare feet.


Steve stood in the doorway for a few moments, making sure that Eliot was sound asleep before he slipped out of the bedroom and made his way up to Nate’s flat.

“How is he?” Nate asked as he saw Steve approaching.

“He’s asleep for now. I’ve cleaned and doctored his wounds. As long as he stays on his stomach for at least a couple of days he will make a full recovery, no scars.” Steve informed his master.

“Good. Good.” Nate replied nodding thoughtfully.

“Do you need me to do anything else, Sir?” Steve asked.

“From now on you are in complete charge of Eliot. He needs to understand that he is mine and as such is not allowed to do as he pleases. He thinks he can just wander off and do as he pleases, but I will put an end to that. When he wakes up I will lay down the rules for him one more time. He needs to learn to obey orders. I need you to be very firm with him. Help him get around, but don’t be too friendly with him. If he gives you any trouble, let me know and I will deal with it. Call me as soon as he wakes up, he will be hungry and I will have something brought down for you guys.”

“Yes Sir.” Steve replied with a nod.

“Oh, by the way, when do you think he will be healed enough so that others will see the marks on him, but not completely healed?” Nate asked.

“Tentatively, I would say two or three days.” Steve replied.

“Good, I’ll make all the arrangements.” Nate said.

Steve nodded at Nate and was about to head back to the “playroom” when he heard Nate.

“I had Hardison put some video games, controllers and a laptop with lots of games on it in the armoire so that Eliot has something to do, besides walk around the playroom, or the workout room. If you let him in the workout room, be sure he doesn’t do anything that his body can’t handle right now. The chest of drawers in the room has some sweatpants, socks, a hoodie and whatever other items of clothing Hardison thought of to put in there. There should be some tennis shoes under the armoire. I would prefer he not get sick if at all possible.

“It wasn’t my fault I got sick, Nate. You know that.” Steve replied. “If I need something should I call Hardison?”

“Yes. If he can’t help you, then call me.” Nate confirmed.


Eliot’s eyes fluttered open to the soft sound of music. He blinked a couple of times and when his eyes opened fully, he saw that the shutters were open and daylight spilled into the room. He had no idea how long he had been out, only that he had to go to the bathroom immediately. He moved his body, only to discover that every fiber of his body was stiff. Pain shot up his spine, reminding of the whipping Nate had given him. He groaned.

Steve put down his guitar when he heard the groan coming from the bed. Immediately he was beside the bed.

“Easy, Eliot,” Steve said as he reached out to grasp Eliot’s arm to help him. “Need to go to the bathroom?”

Eliot gritted his teeth, “Yeah.” He huffed and blushed, “I uh … ”

Steve nodded, “You will be stiff and sore for the first couple of days. You’re going to need my help to move about, especially after the first sleep. Don’t worry about that either, I’ll take care of you.”

Stormy blue eyes looked at Steve’s blue ones. He hoped that Eliot wasn’t going to argue, but he took a step backward, but still within reach.

Eliot hated the idea that Steve was going to jack him off so he could take a piss, but he wasn’t about to incur Nate’s wrath if he did it himself. He also hoped that what Steve was saying was not true and he would be able to go the bathroom alone after this time. “It was just to the bathroom for god sake’s,”he thought. Not that he would admit how painful it was just to sit up. The softness of the bed could not keep his ass from smarting like hell and pain shooting up his back. Growling, he planted his feet firmly on the floor and pushed himself up.

Steve caught him as his legs buckled. “I’ve got you. We’ll take it slow, like before okay?”

Eliot growled again, but nodded his head in agreement and hoped like hell that Steve hadn’t noticed his morning wood. Once he was upright and Steve had a good hold of him, he took a step forward and hissed as pain shot everywhere.

“Goddamn it!” He growled.

“Eliot, you just had a major whipping and you slept for over twenty-four hours. You’re body has not had time to heal yet. Let me help you.”

“Shouldn’t be so hard to walk, it’s not like he did anything to my legs.” Eliot protested as they slowly made their way across the room.

Steve chuckled at his patient’s grumpiness. “You’re just a ball of sunshine today, aren’t you?”

Eliot stopped moving and looked at Steve, “Are you serious?”

Steve kept a straight face, even though he wanted to smirk. “Yes I am.”

Eliot shook his head and moved forward, slowly.

When they reached the doorway, they stopped. Steve flipped the bathroom light on.

The bathroom hard a large white tile floor. Small slate-gray tiles surrounded the large square tub, sinks and toilet. The same color tile was on the walls. Next to the tub was large plain glass shower stall with a built-in bench.

“Roomy.” Eliot muttered.

“Yes. About the same size as his master bathroom in the flat, don’t you agree?”

Eliot nodded.

As Steve walked him to the toilet, Eliot said, “I think I can get it from here.”

“Really?” Steve asked. “Are you trying to get rid of me because you have an erection or because you have to piss? Or is it both?

Eliot stood in front of the toilet glaring at Steve, his mouth opened once or twice but nothing came out. His face felt hot and he hoped he had not turned red.

“Okay.” Steve muttered as he released his hold on Eliot.

Eliot’s legs quivered and he crumbled. He sore ass hit the hard, cold tile and Eliot growled, “Damn it!”

Steve waited a minute, as he watched his patient try to upright himself by using the toilet as leverage.

Steve wanted to help him up, he did, but he knew it would be better for Eliot if he didn’t help, at least not yet.

Eliot growled as his body would not cooperate with him. After a couple of tries, which resulted in his ass meeting the tile again, he looked at Steve who now stood in front of the sinks.

Steve arched his eyebrows at Eliot, but didn’t move.

Eliot growled as he realized that Steve was going to make him ask for help. Having worked up a good mad, he muttered “fuck you” and tried again. By the time he managed to get his knees under him again, he realized with humiliation that he was urinating on himself, the toilet and the floor. When he was finished, he let his ass hit the tile once more as he hid his face from Steve.

“Are you ready to let me help you now?” Steve asked quietly.

Eliot just nodded his head.

He heard cabinet doors opening and closing, then a faucet being turned on, then off after a couple of minutes.

Eliot saw Steve’s legs come into view, as the man kneeled down beside him.

“Here, wipe your face.” Steve told him as he took Eliot's hand and placed a hot washrag in it.

Eliot did as Steve said, “Thanks.” He mumbled as he handed back the washcloth.

Red eyes looked at Steve when Eliot handed him the washcloth.

“When you need help, you ask me, go it Eliot?” Steve asked firmly.

“Yes.” Eliot replied with a nod.

“Good.” Steve replied as he handed Eliot a warm soapy rag. “Now clean up your mess, then I’ll help you up.”

Eliot’s face turned dark red, but he did as he was told. When he had finished wiping up his mess with the soapy washrag, Steve handed him a dry towel. “Dry off the floor so that no one slips.”

When Eliot was finished, Steve tossed the rag and towel into the sink, and then moved forward to help him into a standing position.

“Brace your hands on the wall above the sink.” Steve instructed softly. He waited until Eliot had done as requested. "Now, let’s take care of this morning wood, hmm?”

Eliot blushed, and stammered, “I, I, d ... don’t think Nate would approve … words stopped flowing from his mouth when he felt Steve's large hand firmly grip his semi-hard cock. Steve’s lean but well-muscled body lined up behind his and the touch of rough fingertips was bliss which caused Eliot to moan in delight. Steve chuckled as Eliot relaxed and began enjoying what he was doing to his cock. Steve stroked him in a steady pace. “That’s it, relax, let go Eliot, its okay as long as you don’t touch yourself, got it? Besides, he knows how the male body works. Don’t think about him, let go.”

A couple of minutes later, Eliot felt his balls tighten up as shot his load into the toilet. Grateful for the relief, his body slumped slightly. “I’ve got you, you won’t fall.” Steve’s voice told him. Eliot took a couple of deep breaths and relaxed for the first time in longer than he could remember. He was barely aware of his bladder emptying into the toilet; soon after he felt a soft, warm cloth cleaning him up.

“Better now?” Steve asked as he gently wiped Eliot’s cock clean, before tossing the rag into the sink with the others. Eliot nodded, “Yeah, much better. Thanks. You mean it, that it’s okay, as long as I don’t jack myself off? He asked Steve.

Steve winked and nodded, “Yes.”

Eliot had just settled back onto the pile of pillows Steve had arranged behind his back, when Nate entered the room carrying a tray full of food.

Looking at the two men, Nate explained, “I had a bit of everything prepared, since you haven’t eaten in twenty-four hours. Eat what you want, leave the rest.” He told Eliot. As the hitter dug into his scrambled eggs and bacon, Nate grabbed the chair from the desk and sat down on it next to the bed.

Steve filled up two coffee mugs from the pot that was brewing on the desk. He handed one to Eliot and grabbed a piece of toast.

“How did it go this morning?” Nate asked.

“Pretty good considering the whipping and the fact that his body stiffened up while he slept.” Steve said.

Nate nodded. “Good, good.” He muttered. “Eliot, you do understand that I had to whip you because of your disobedience and running away, don’t you?”

Eliot swallowed down his bite of toast before answering, “Yes, sir.”

“I am going to give you time to heal up a bit. While you do that, Steve is in charge. You need anything, you ask him. While healing up, I am not going to cage you again, however, you are not to touch yourself, do you understand?”

Eliot’s face reddened as he thought about how Steve had gotten him off in the bathroom. “I, uh, yes, sir,” he stammered.

Seeing the question in Eliot’s eyes, Nate turned to Steve, “Have you told him the details of your first whipping?”

“No.” Steve replied.

“I think that might help Eliot to understand things a bit better.” Nate suggested. Turning back to Eliot, Nate continued, “I have not decided what will be the second phase of your punishment, so you would do well not to fight Steve on everything so that he has to get me involved before I am prepared.”

Eliot’s eyes bulged at the thought of more punishment and his heart dropped into his stomach. “M … more punishment, sir?”

Nate looked at the bewildered look on his slave’s face. “Yes. What you did is a very serious breach of rules. News travels fast and by now most slaves know that you disappeared off the ranch, even though we found you quickly. Your escape must be dealt with properly.” Nate explained.

Nate left the room after making sure that Eliot was doing okay and that he ate some food. When he finished breakfast, Steve took the tray and set it outside the door, like you would in a hotel.

As he walked back into the room, Steve motioned for Eliot to roll over so that he could check his back and buttocks. Eliot silently rolled his eyes, but did as he was told. He heard Steve rummaging around in the bathroom for a couple of minutes before his footsteps could be heard on the floor of the bedroom.

“Hmm, you have a nice shade of red on your buttocks from hitting the cold tile floor in the bathroom.” Steve told him matter-of-factly. “No bruising at this time, but we will see what tomorrow brings.

Eliot grunted his response.

Steve chuckled as he began gently washing Eliot’s buttocks. “I know you will, but try not to overthink what Nate told you. The more worried you are the more stress your body will be under and right now the only thing you need to work on is being able to stand and walk without your legs buckling underneath you.” Steve told him as he dried him off and then began adding petroleum jelly to the marks on his back and buttocks.

Eliot propped up on his elbows and turned his head to look back at Steve. “How the hell am I not supposed to think about what Nate said?” He growled in frustration.

Steve looked up when he was finished. “Well we will have to work on keeping your mind at ease. You up to a game of chess or do you want to play video games?”

Eliot wanted to growl again, but knew it would be futile, so he said, “Chess.”

“Good choice.” Steve replied as he got off the bed and headed to the bathroom to put up the supplies. He poked his head around the bathroom door, “Get comfortable on the bed. Remember, no rolling over yet.”

Eliot rolled his eyes, but moved around until he was comfortably lying on his stomach with a pillow underneath his arms.

They played chess for a couple of hours, until Eliot fell asleep in the middle of a game. Satisfied that his patient was resting peacefully, Steve put up the game and turned the TV on with the volume on low.


Eliot groaned as he woke up. “I fall asleep again?” he grumbled.

Steve muted the TV. “Yes. But that is what you are supposed to do.”

“What time is it?” Eliot asked.

“About a quarter after four in the afternoon.” Steve replied. “You want to get up and move around some before supper?”

“Yeah.” Eliot replied as he moved his stiff limbs so that he was sitting up on the edge of the bed.

“Alright. Let’s get some clean socks and sweatpants to put on, hmm?” Steve said as he went over to the chest of drawers and began rummaging through it.

“I thought I wasn’t supposed to wear clothes?” Eliot asked.

“Technically you are not, but the temperature has dropped outside in the last twenty-four hours and we don’t want you to get sick.” Steve explained.

“Okay.” Eliot replied as he watched Steve come toward him carrying a pair of gray sweatpants and socks.

Steve bent down and pulled the white crew socks on over Eliot’s bare feet. Next, he carefully slipped the sweatpants up his legs to the knees. “Okay, just like before, put your arm around my shoulder. I’ll help you stand up, and then we’ll pull the sweats the rest of the way up and tie them loosely. Let me know if it’s too much against your skin, ok?”

Eliot nodded.

They slowly began walking towards the bedroom door. “Let’s try one walk around the playroom, shall we?”

“That what Nate calls it?” Eliot asked.

“A lot of slave owners have dungeons, rather than rooms that are heated and cooled.” Steve began explaining as they walked out of the bedroom. “Many keep their slaves in them all the time, unless they are being used for entertainment or they are doing something for their master. Nate is not like that. He uses this room mainly for punishment and he does not keep a slave here more than twenty-four hours, generally.”

“So you’re talking about basically a cell?” Eliot wondered as he noticed some of the furniture in the room, mainly the cages.

“Yes, I suppose that is a fair comparison.” Steve replied. “I know that you think the whipping you got was harsh. If you weren’t in Nate’s care, that whipping would have taken skin off of you and you would have been bloody. Yes, Nate marked you with the whip, but he is not sadistic like most slave owners.”

“You say that like you know this from personal experience.” Eliot said.

Steve didn’t say anything for a couple of minutes as they turned the corner and were now walking around the opposite side of the room.

“The first time I saw Nathan Ford, I was in one of those puppy cages. I was naked, had shackles on my hands and feet. My owner had shackled me to a cross, which looks like a big X and whipped me until I passed out. I don’t know how long he left me there before he put me in the cage. There was blood on my body and I hadn’t had a drink of water since before the whipping. All I could do was sit or lay in the cage in that cold basement room of his. At one point I blacked out again, only to wake up again sometime later to find a bottle of water and a sandwich inside the cage. The next time I woke up, it was to the sound of loud music and voices. I was still in the cage, except now I was in one of his clubs.” Steve paused as they entered the bedroom again.

They walked over to the bed and Steve helped Eliot get settled on his stomach again. “I’m going to grab some Icy Hot and I will rub down your legs, shoulders and arms. Be right back.” Steve told him as he walked to the bathroom.

A few minutes later, Steve appeared again. “I brought water for you.” He said as he handed one to Eliot. “Now where was I? Oh yes, Club Z. It was very popular for slave owners like mine. A bar with tables and a dance floor with male and female strippers made up the first level. Below was where the playrooms and viewing rooms were located. My owner was sitting at a table near in the back. My cage was against the wall. There were other slaves that were being auctioned off that night in cages around the dance floor and hanging from the ceiling. When I came to, I tried to sit up, but I was slow and I felt heavy, which meant that I had been drugged.”

Eliot immediately felt sorry for Steve and what he had gone through, as well as horror. He wanted to say something, but he didn’t know what would be the right thing, so he continued to listen and watch Steve.

“Immediately, I knew that I'd been used a time or two. I could hear my owner laughing as he ate and drank. Every few minutes he would gesture my way. I am not sure how much time passed, but whoever he was talking with stood up, so did my owner. They walked toward the dance floor, leaving me alone as I tried to get my eyes to focus and not throw up. I remember vaguely hearing a couple of voices near my cage. I was on my hands and knees trying not to be seen when I felt a gentle hand brush back my hair, tucking it behind an ear.” Steve said as he moved from Eliot’s right leg to his left.

“Oh God, that stuff feels great. Thanks.” Eliot moaned.

Steve chuckled. “Nathan’s blurry face and blue eyes swam into my eyesight. He asked me my name. I told him. He then assured me everything would be alright. I don’t really know what happened after that. The next time I woke up here in this room, screaming in pain. I don’t know how he got me out of there, but he did and I am very grateful. The doctor that took care of you was there. I remember hearing words like torn, infected, malnourished, things like that, before I blacked out again. The next time I woke up, my head and eyesight was better. I was underneath the covers and I even had pajama’s on.” Steve stopped for a couple of minutes, before he began massaging Eliot’s arms.

“They both introduced themselves to me. Dr. Larson told me that I had managed to get pneumonia on top of my other injuries. I was in this room for three months, except for an occasional walk around the playroom as they dressed my wounds, fed me, and basically left me alone to heal. I learned to play chess with Nate and to kick Hardison’s ass at video games. Also, keep your eye on Parker, she likes to lift things.” Steve said with a wink.
“God, Steve, I can’t … I can’t even imagine going through that.” Eliot said, “What about your owner? What happened to him?”
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