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Reality Check - PG:13 - Leverage/Angel - Nate, Eliot, Faith

Title: Reality Check

Fandom: Leverage/Angel

Author: piratekit2 

Summary: It's a blast from the past when a dark haired slayer stumbles upon Eliot's secret. There's big news, and of course Nate's there to see it all.

Genre: Uh, supernatural? Yes, I think I want to go with supernatural and crossover

Pairing: A wee bit of Nate and Eliot
Rating: PG:13 for blood
Warning: Blood, violence, death threats

Disclaimer: I do not now nor have I ever owned Leverage, Angel, Buffy or any characters associated within those settings, universes. I am just a fanfic writer merrily playing with someone else's toy in someone else's toy box. 

Notes: Takes place post Season 7/5 of Buffy/Angel respectively. I never read the comics after the series so my knowledge is limited up to those finales.

Personal note: I don't remember if I ever posted this here before or not. I apologize if I'm re-posting. It wrote it for the Leverage fic exchange of 2011 in June, so well over a year ago. I've been lax in the fandom though - admittedly S5 disappointed me greatly - and my lovely kitties managed to break my thumb drive with all my fics on it. So, I was searching for what I had online, and stumbled upon this!

Part 1
Part 2

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