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15 July 2012 @ 05:05 pm
The (Very) Big Bird Job Discussion Post  
Happy Leverage Day!!!!!!!! Today's the day for the Leverage Season 5 premiere!!!!!!!!!!!! Who's excited???? (Me, obviously, lol.) It airs tonight at 8 PM Eastern on TNT.

This will serve as a discussion post for the episode, "The (Very) Big Bird Job". Comments, reviews, chatter... feel free to put it all here.

Be aware that this post will contain spoilers for the episode.
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sheryden: leverage: nate/eliotsheryden on July 16th, 2012 01:09 am (UTC)
Okay, not much in terms of Nate/Eliot moments, but the episode was AMAZING. Here are my rambled thoughts. Something more coherent will appear on my journal in a few minutes.

Okay, we open with a girl, and some kind of court case. And Hardison and Parker walking into the girl's home movie. And a badass-looking Nate coming off a boat. Rawr! Casual!Nate is sexy.

Eliot hung out with some old friends, lol. Yes! I am excited! "I don't remember you being so tall." LOL!

A restaurant! You’ve put Eliot in a restaurant? Dare I hope for Eliot cooking after the job today? And like ALL THE TIME? Ooh, talking about food already. Rawr!

“Alternative revenue stream.” I’ve missed those words. <3

Eliot’s already punched HOW many people less than 10 minutes in? :D *loves* And he looks SEXY.

Portland is odd and wet, lol.

Eliot wants to be consulted about the menu. Aw. Hardison, you should really let him plan the whole thing. Yes, Eliot. No anchovies and pineapple. Let’s get rid of the anchovies.

Nate looks like he wasn’t to strangle that guy. Oh, Nate. You’re going to give Hardison and ulcer.

Aw, Eliot took out the garbage. He's such a nice young man.

Uh oh. Sophie’s going to buy a theater.

Sophie is going to be so jealous. Hardison got to fake-die.

Eliot likes watching Nate mess with people’s heads. This could be the basis for a fanfic! Someone get on that!

Badass moment foiled by a toy. “Give me the… teddy bear.”

Elliot cooked! Mmm. Chili.

Nate what are you making Hardison do?!?! I’m guessing he’s preparing for their retirement. He’s probably having Hardison set them up to lead normal lives in case things get too hot in the future or in case he’s not there to protect them. *wibble*