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Bound Circumstances, Chapter 6

Title: Bound Circumstances, Chp. 6
Author: fangirl2323
Disclaimer: Not mine, they belong to TNT, Leverage. Just borrowing them for fun
Pairing: Nate/Eliot, master/slave, slash, AU
Summary: Eliot’s frustration leads him away from Nate’s place. Will he get caught?
Word Count: 6369
Warnings/Rating: NC-17, bondage, bdsm, m/m sex, swearing
Comments: Thanks to my beta Steffi for all her help!

Here's a short recap for the avid followers of this series who are too horny to skim through Chapter 5 again: Nate met up with Max Hunter who told him about a slave, Luke Skinner, who had recently turned up dead. Nobody knows the name of either Luke's former owner(s), but as the body turned up close to where Eliot hangs out, suspicions are rising. Luke was tortured and Nate and Max believe it was done in the hopes that he would spill information on Eliot. Nate is very worried, has Hardison and some of his connections work on finding a useful lead, but for now he wants to keep Eliot out of the loop. He doesn't want him to go all Rambo on him…

The ride back to Nate’s place was a quiet one, except for the music that flowed out of the speakers. Eliot would look at Nate from the corner of his eyes every few minutes, trying to figure out was he was thinking about. His efforts were to no avail as Nate's face remained expressionless, all his attention focused on the road ahead. Eliot's nerves were wracked due to the circumstances and now Nate’s silence.

Nate pulled the car into the garage and parked in his usual spot. As he turned off the engine, Nate looked at Eliot. He could tell by the way the younger man was sitting that he was uncomfortable and that he was nervous, like a filly.

“Well at least I have his attention.” Nate thought as he looked at his slave. “Let’s go inside.”

Eliot nodded.


Eliot followed Nate into the elevator. Neither spoke until they were inside Nate’s flat.

Nate stopped in front of the table near the door. He dropped his keys on the table, rested one arm on his hip and turned to face Eliot.

“Take off your clothes and assume the position. I want you by the kitchen table,” Nate instructed. He didn’t wait to see if Eliot would follow his command, instead he headed toward the kitchen table and switched on his laptop.

On the inside, Eliot stood cursed Nathan Ford to all hell, but his thoughts were not reflected in his actions as he smoothly started to unbutton his shirt while toeing his shoes off. He silently watched as Nate sat down and tapped away on his laptop, then picked up his cell phone and dialed without looking at the screen. All his crew members were on quick dial, so it wasn't hard for Eliot to guess who he was calling.

As Nate barked out the first sentence, his suspicion was confirmed. “Hardison, I’m going to email you some information. I need you to look into it as quickly and quietly as you can. Call me back when you find something.“ Nate informed his hacker when he answered the phone.

The room was quiet, except for Nate’s fingertips tapping across his laptop keyboard. He looked at the email he had composed to Richard Lawson, reading it again, before sending it. Pausing briefly, his eyes moved across the room and settled on Eliot, who was taking his clothes off and folding them neatly before placing them on a chair. Somehow Eliot maintained a certain air of pride even when he was completely naked. Although he could sense that he was being observed, he took his time to comb his fingers through his thick lion's mane, making sure his hair fell neatly around - and not annoyingly into - his face. He watched as Eliot stretched his muscular limbs, preparing himself for a long wait in an uncomfortable position. Satisfied, Nate returned his attention to his computer and composed an email to Cyrus. After he sent it, he got up and walked into the kitchen, returning with a half-empty bottle and a glass. He slowly poured himself a drink. He watched as Eliot sank down on his hands and knees next to the table as instructed. The sight was beautiful – the young man's well-toned body was held perfectly still, waiting for… him. Nate smirked as he took another swig from his drink.

When his cell phone started ringing, Nate walked past Eliot and picked it up from beside his laptop.

“Yeah, Hardison? Okay. Can you find out more by tomorrow morning?” Nate asked, “That might be a good idea, but not yet. I want to find out if someone did follow Eliot. Is there a way you can do that? All right, send me the details by email. Yes, I’ve sent one to both of them. ”

Ending the call, Nate downed the rest of his drink before looking down at Eliot. “Have I got your attention now?” He asked.

“Yes sir.” Eliot replied.

“Excellent. Now tell me why did I have to cage your cock?”

“I broke one of your rules.” Eliot replied.

“Which rule did you break?”

“I’m not to touch myself. If I want or need to cum, I am supposed to tell you, sir.”

“Very good Eliot, now tell me why have I used a butt plug on you?”

“Uh” … Eliot stammered as he tried to find the right words. “To show me who I belong to?”

Nate reached down and cupped Eliot’s chin, raising Eliot’s head upward so that he could look into those blue eyes. “I’m proud of you. You answered correctly. I want you to go upstairs and assume the position at the end of the bed. If you need something to drink or if you need to relieve yourself, you may do so. You will be on your hands and knees when I come up there.”

“Yes sir.” Eliot replied quietly.

Nodding his approval, Nate told Eliot what he wanted to hear. “You may get up.”

Nate watched as Eliot stood up in one smooth motion and moved to the other side of the table. He grabbed a beer out of the refrigerator and downed half of it before heading upstairs. Nate’s eyes followed his slave until he was out of sight.

Nate glanced back to his laptop. He opened up a window and pulled the feed from the camera in his bedroom. He watched as Eliot entered the bedroom and headed right into the bathroom. He zoomed in on Eliot and watched as the hitter took his caged cock in hand and began to urinate. Nate chuckled when he heard Eliot cursing him. Nate kept one eye on Eliot as he answered the email replies.

By the time Nate finished his work on the laptop and had taken two calls, Eliot had been kneeling on the floor for almost half an hour. He could tell by Eliot's body language that the man was uncomfortable and angry impatient. It was clearly uncomfortable for him to hold his head up all the time, so he tried to alleviate the pain in his neck by rolling his head to the side every now and then. It wasn't exactly holding position, but it was not permitted for a slave to hang his head while waiting for his master, he had to be presentable and ready at all times.

Eliot heard Nate’s footsteps on the stairs before he saw the man’s shoes. Nate didn’t say anything to Eliot. He walked up beside him and ran his hand down the man’s back and over his ass cheeks.

The hitter bit his lip to keep from making any noise. He tensed up when he felt Nate’s fingers around the butt plug, circling it.

“Did you take the plug out Eliot?”

“No sir.”

“I’m proud of you, Eliot. I know you wanted to and you had chances at the restaurant and club.” Nate told him.

“Wasn’t ‘cause I couldn’t, it’s ‘cause I didn’t want to make more trouble for myself.” Eliot thought to himself, as growled softly.

A minute later, Eliot heard noise coming from Nate’s closet, then, he heard Nate in the bathroom.

Eliot’s eyes were still on the floor, when Nate returned. He bent down and slipped a blindfold over Eliot's eyes, being careful not to get any of his hair caught up in it, which was not an easy task, especially for a man trying to be assertive at the same time. “I’m going to help you into the shower. You are not to touch yourself anywhere. I will be in there with you after I take off my clothes, do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

Nate helped Eliot into the shower and placed his hands on the water controls. “Make the water to your liking.”

Eliot silently uttered a stream of curses as he turned the knobs, setting the water temperature until steam filled the shower. The hot water felt good on his aching body and he would have loved to rub some tension out of his shoulders and neck, but the water drumming down on him soon made him feel better. He was blissfully letting the water calm him when he heard Nate enter.

As Nate stepped in he quickly went to work. Leaving Eliot to enjoy his shower, Nate attached a stainless steel butt plug to the second coil with a few practiced moves and firmly guided Eliot toward the tiled bench. “The bench is in front of you. Bend over and place your hands on it,” he instructed. Once Eliot was bent over, palms down on the bench, Nate attached the coil to the second shower head and adjusted the temperature. Placing one hand on Eliot’s back, he used his other hand to remove the butt plug.

Eliot sighed as the uncomfortable intruder was removed from his ass and enjoyed being able to contract his sore muscles. His sigh turned into a groan when he felt Nate pushing in another heavy butt plug. “Nate.” Eliot whined, obviously using all his self-control to stop from squirming out of his master's reach.

“Shh, I have to clean you out.” Nate soothed, using just enough force in his voice to let Eliot know he wouldn't allow any more back-talk.

“Don’t move until I give you permission.”

Eliot nearly jumped as he felt a gush of hot water filling his ass. His face turned a deep crimson and he was glad he was facing away from Nate. Nate raised an eyebrow towards Eliot, making sure he obeyed his order before setting the timer. He washed himself quickly, keeping an eye on the timer, knowing that Eliot's well-being was entrusted in his hands and that he trusted him to not push him too far. Shortly before the time was up he switched the timer off (slaves didn't have to know everything) and walked back over to Eliot. Nate placed one hand on Eliot’s waist before reaching down and placing his other on Eliot's extended abdomen. “Are you okay?" he inquired. "No cramps?”

Eliot shook his head.

“Good. I’m going to give you more water, and then you will hold it for five minutes.”

“Nate.” Eliot growled, tears sliding down his face. Water began to flow into Eliot’s ass again. He felt Nate’s hand rubbing his back soothingly. After a few minutes, Nate’s hand rubbed soothingly over Eliot’s extended abdomen.

“Relax, Eliot. If you have any cramps, tell me.” Nate instructed softly as he gently massaged Eliot for another minute or two before turning off the water and setting the timer for five minutes.

When time was up, Nate placed a bucket between Eliot’s legs. “I’m going to remove the plug. Expel into the bucket. When you are done, assume the position again.”

After Eliot expelled, he slowly assumed the position again, resting his head on his arms this time.

Nate again inserted the plug and turned the water on. This time, Eliot felt cool water flowing into his ass. Nate didn't use as much water pressure this time, but the coldness created another form of discomfort. Nate took off the blindfold, his hand running soothingly over Eliot’s wet head and down his back. “This time, I want you to try to hold for longer than five minutes.”

Eliot groaned.

“You’re doing great Eliot. It’ll be over soon. ” Nate said calmly as he massaged Eliot’s back a bit, before moving to his extended abdomen.

After Eliot expelled the second enema, he felt his body shaking and his legs didn’t want to cooperate.

Nate could tell from Eliot’s body language that he was feeling weak, embarrassed and angry; something the hitter was not used to feeling. Nate let him have a couple of minutes, and then he carefully guided Eliot under the showerhead.

“Rest your hands on the wall if need to its okay.” Nate said as he soaped up a washcloth and began gently washing Eliot’s back, ass and legs.

“Turn around for me Eliot.”

Soaping up the washcloth again, Nate began washing Eliot’s chest and arms, moving slowly downward to his legs. Standing up, Nate soaped up the washcloth again the gently washed Eliot’s balls before wrapping the soapy washcloth over Eliot’s cock and washing it.

Eliot whined when he felt Nate’s hand on his caged cock. “Please.”

“Please, what, Eliot?”

“Take it off Nate.”

“No.” Nate replied.

Eliot’s hands balled up into fists, but he stayed quiet and made no moves as Nate continued washing him.


Eliot was sitting on the edge of the bed. Nate came out of the bathroom carrying a bottle of baby oil and Q-tips. He knelt between Eliot’s legs and began carefully lubricating Eliot’s cock through the cage using a soaked Q-tip.

“This will keep your cock from getting raw and help make it easier to move around in the cage. This needs to be done at least once a day, perhaps two. You come to me and I will do it.”

“Yes sir.” Eliot mumbled.

When he was finished, Nate returned the supplies to the bathroom. He relieved himself and cleaned up the bathroom. He switched off the lights and headed back into the bedroom.

"Suck my cock, Eliot," he said in his best no-nonsense voice. "Make me come.”

Eliot bit his bottom lip as a bolt of desire shot through him and went straight down to his caged cock at the sound of Nate’s words. He slid off the bed onto his knees and was already in position before Nate came to a stop before the bed. Kneeling between Nate’s legs Eliot took in a sight that was now familiar: as always, Nate was aroused by the sheer thought of Eliot's mouth. A drop of precum had begun forming on the head of Nate’s cock in anticipation of what was about to happen. Eliot smiled at the sight, knowing that he was causing Nate’s length to harden and leak.

Nate looked down at the beautiful sight of Eliot on his knees about to service him. When Eliot made no move, just sat there taking in the sight of his master’s cock, Nate waited a little impatiently. Orders were meant to be followed immediately; it was not Eliot's place to let his master wait. Just as he was about to order Eliot’s mouth where he wanted it a second time he felt a calloused hand firmly grip the base of his cock and felt Eliot’s tongue swipe across his head.

“Eliot.” Nate groaned in need.

Eliot grabbed the base of Nate’s cock, stroking gently up and down twice, before taking a firmer hold. His tongue licked up the precum, like a kitten with a bowl of cream. Nate placed his hands on Eliot's head – not to push him down but so he could steady himself for what was ahead.

When Eliot closed his mouth over the head of Nate’s cock and swirled his tongue over the head and underside, being sure to lap at the slit, Nate let out a strangled moan, his hand finding purchase in Eliot’s hair. Eliot smirked around the older man’s cock, before he hollowed his cheeks and his head bobbed down, taking all of Nate’s length into his mouth.

Nate spread his legs wider as his hips rocked forward as he felt hot, wet heat surrounding his cock. He loved Eliot’s mouth around him like this. Eliot paused again, briefly, then began bobbing up and down, slowly. Nate’s hand fisted in Eliot’s hair as the younger man’s mouth moved up and down his shaft.

When Nate tried to move his hips in time to Eliot’s mouth he discovered that his slave had control. He felt a small surge of pride move through him and decided he would allow Eliot to go at his own pace.

The feel of Eliot’s hot, slick throat around his cock was slowly making his orgasm build, beginning at Nate’s toes and riding up all the way to his loins in a surge of shivers. By the time Nate was dangling on the edge, Eliot shifted tactics and began to hum. The vibrations caused Nate’s sensitive body to vibrate, his orgasm spiraling up from deep down inside and slamming into him hard.

He knew Nate was close. His own body was humming along with him, the need to stroke his own cock was intense. When he went to grab it, he growled in frustration at the hellish plastic contraption keeping him from doing what he needed.

Feeling the extra vibrations around his cock, Nate felt the orgasm hit him blindly, causing him to grip Eliot’s head as he spilled his seed.

Eliot swallowed every drop Nate gave him, until he was spent and soft inside his mouth. Once he could see again, Nate release his hold on Eliot’s hair as the younger man let him slip from his mouth.

“Very good,” Nate murmured in praise, as he threaded his fingers through Eliot’s hair, tugging so that the hitter had to stand up. He could taste himself as his mouth took Eliot’s in a lazy, but passionate kiss. When they broke apart, Nate playfully swatted Eliot’s ass.

“I have some work to do downstairs,“ Nate told Eliot. “Don’t wait up for me.”

Eliot stood still, his mouth opening and closing, but no sound came out. He watched Nate grab his pajama bottoms, pull them on, then exit the bedroom. Once he was sure that Nate was out of hearing distance, Eliot began cussing a blue streak as he stomped around the room angrily.


Releasing a breath he had not realized he had been holding Eliot sighed quietly as he stepped off of the staircase. He took a few steps into the living room. Nate did not stir and Eliot could hear the sound of soft snoring coming from that part of the room. Eliot grinned and headed into the laundry room. Technically, Nate had ordered him to bed, but clearly Nate's body was a lot more in need of rest than Eliot's and as the hitter had no way of releasing tension the more natural way (damn that stupid cage!) the young man desperately needed to blow off some steam before even pretending to try and find some sleep he knew would not come.

He slipped on a pair of sweats, a tank top, sneakers and grabbed a hoodie before he walked into the living room again. He looked over at Nate, glad to find him still asleep and snoring. He turned and exited the flat, closing the door softly behind him and locking it.


Nate woke up to a sore neck from sleeping in the awkward position and the growling of his stomach. He sat up, rubbed his neck and tapped his laptop awake from sleep mode. Clicking on an email reply, Nate opened it up before he went to the kitchen to get some coffee and hopefully a late-night snack.

He read through replies from Hardison, Lawson and Cyrus while he finished the last of the roast beef sandwich that had been in the refrigerator. He replied to the emails he needed to before getting up to take his empty plate into the kitchen and stretch his cramping legs. Once he was in the kitchen he saw that it was a bit after two in the morning. He decided he should go look in on Eliot before he finished up his work.


The ringing of his cell phone woke Hardison out of a great dream. Grumbling, he rolled over, reaching for his phone.

“This had better be good, man” he griped into the phone. “I was in the middle….”

“Shut up Hardison.” Nate’s voice said sternly. “I need you to get on your computer and track Eliot. He’s gone. ”

Awake now, Hardison sat up and rubbed his eyes. “What do ya mean he’s gone?”

“Hardison!” Nate growled.

“Okay, okay. I’m going.” Hardison replied as he went into his computer room and booted up the screens, his fingertips flying over the keyboard. “Give me a couple of minutes and I’ll have his location. It’s searching now.”

“Thank you.” Nate said. “I’ve run the battery down on my laptop working on the information from earlier and I can't find the stupid charger.”

“Dude, don't panic. I'm gonna take care of it, just give me two seconds to work my magic. Okay, it’s locking on a position.” Hardison told Nate, “Looks like he’s at Peter Welch’s Gym. What the hell’s he doing there?”

“Keep an eye on his location and notify me if he leaves the gym.” Nate snapped at Hardison. “I’ll call you later.”

“Damn it!” Nate growled in anger as he headed back downstairs, his thumb hitting speed dial on the phone again as he slid into his jacket and reached for his keys.

“Do you know what time it is?” Cyrus’ voice asked him.

Pinching his nose, Nate replied, “Yes, I do. Eliot’s left the ranch.”

Sitting up, Cyrus smirked and asked, “How did that happen?”

Nate ignored the question, hoping his friend would drop it. “He’s at Peter Welch’s Gym in South Boston.”

“He slipped out on you, didn’t he?” Cyrus asked with a chuckle. “I’ve heard of Welch’s place. It’s very reputable, as is the owner.”

“Okay. I want someone to shadow Eliot.” Nate informed his friend.

“Not pick him up right away?” Cyrus asked.

“No. This unfortunate event is a good way to see if he is actually the target, don’t you agree?”

“I don’t agree with you not keeping up with your slave, Nathan, but yes, I know someone we can use. How long do you want to let him stay out tonight?”

“Just a couple of hours. If he doesn’t head back here on his own, then have the guy bring him in.” Nate replied. “I’ll have Hardison pull up traffic cameras in the area and such, so that we can verify if Eliot’s already been spotted or not.”

“Okay. I’ll send Austin. He’s good, plus he’s ex-military.” Cyrus said. “He’ll be there within thirty minutes.”

“Good.” Nate said as he hung up the phone. Hitting speed dial, he called Hardison back.

“He’s still at the gym, man.” Hardison informed him upon answering.

Nate informed him about Austin.

“Yeah, I’ve heard of him, definitely not a guy you want to mess with.” Hardison told Nate.

“Good to know.” Nate replied, “Now get access to all traffic and surveillance cameras in the area. Send me a feed of the gym to my TV.”

“Done.” Hardison told him as he hung up.

Five minutes later, Nate’s TV switched to two views, one showed the outside of Peter Welch’s gym and the other one showed the inside, where Eliot was hitting the crap out of a boxing bag. Nate sighed in relief at seeing that the hitter was safe. Nate cursed himself for not telling Eliot of the danger he was in. But dammit, he'd given him an order to stay put; Eliot had no business walking around without permission. They were going to have to have a long talk about his insubordination.

Nate went into the kitchen and made himself another pot of coffee, returning to the living room with a full cup. His cell phone was ringing on the night stand.


“Austin should be there in a few minutes. I am on my way over.” Cyrus informed Nate quickly, then he hung up.

Seven minutes later, Nate watched as a man fitting Hardison’s Cyrus' description of Austin walked into Welch’s gym.

Twenty minutes later, Cyrus showed up at Nate’s bearing an assortment of pastries and a couple of sandwiches. “Figured these might come in handy.” He told Nate as he handed them to the mastermind and helped himself to a cup of coffee.

“You’re man just entered the gym. Right now, he is just in the shadows watching Eliot.” Nate said.

Cyrus nodded as he grabbed a scone and sat down on the couch in front of the big screen TV. “You think he’ll come back on his own or do you think he’s gonna make a run for it?”

Nate took a sip of coffee, his eyes tracking Eliot’s movement. “He’ll come back.”


When he felt worn out and his muscles were burning, Eliot stopped hitting the boxing bag and began walking to the locker room. Unaware of Austin’s presence, he didn’t see the man follow him quietly.

Ten minutes later, Cyrus’ phone rang. “Yeah?”

“He’s headed back to Nate’s place. I’ve noticed a couple of curious things. Gonna check them out and get back to you. I’ll follow him til he reaches the building.” Austin said.

“Good work.” Cyrus replied. Catching a glance at Nathan, he said, “I need you and Jason to come upstairs and help Mr. Ford with Eliot before you go.”

“Roger that.” Austin replied before hanging up.


Dawn was almost upon the city by the time Eliot made his way through the garage and into the elevator. Eliot pressed the button for Nathan’s floor, knowing he could not prolong the inevitable.

The flat was dark, except for the light that was beginning to stream in through the large windows over the kitchen and TV room. Eliot stopped at the foot of the staircase; surprised that Nathan was not sitting there waiting for him. He was about to turn around and go towards his room, when he felt his biceps being grabbed by two sets of strong, large hands.

“What the … ? Let go of me!” Eliot snarled.

“Can’t do that; Mr. Ford’s orders.” One of them told him. Eliot felt a hand grab his hair, holding his head steady. A blindfold was then placed over his eyes as Eliot struggled and cursed. After Eliot was harshly told to hold the fuck still already he stopped fighting, calmed down, and the two men hauled him to Nathan’s playroom.

Eliot heard a door open and close. He was hauled a couple of more feet, then they stopped. He heard nothing, but he could feel that there were other people in the room besides him and the two goons. His arms were lifted above his shoulders and he felt something soft being wrapped around his wrist. It took him a couple of seconds to figure out what was happening. By the time he did, he could hear buckles being closed.

“No. No.” Eliot growled as he tried to move away from what was happening. “Don’t” came the order from his left. Suddenly, the two goons were gone and he was left standing upright in what appeared to be the middle of the room. He pulled his arms, only to discover that he was in handcuffs that were attached to something. He could move a bit, but not much. Licking his lips, Eliot said, “Nate?”

Nate watched from his place in his chair. “I’m here Eliot. You are not alone.” He replied gently, wanting to calm the man. “Steve here is going to strip you of your clothes. You will not give him any trouble.”

Eliot could hear Nate’s soothing voice coming from somewhere in the room. As his master spoke, the hitter could tell that he was walking towards him.

The feel of Nate’s hand stroking the back of his head, calmed him a bit. “Shh. Don’t fight Eliot, it will only be worse if you do.”

The sound and feel of stainless steel scissors cutting along the seams of his long-sleeved hoodie made Eliot shiver. When the scissors reached his shoulder, he felt them graze his shoulder blade as the man continued to cut. His left arm was now bare and Steve had moved to repeat the process on the other sleeve. Soon, he was standing in nothing but his white tank top, jeans and shoes. With a quick “snip, snip” the tank top fell to the floor, leaving his chest bare to the cool air in the room. Eliot's body shivered a little and he was angry at himself for not being able to control himself better. But he wasn't exactly in a strong position right now…which actually only made him feel worse.

Nathan continued to stroke Eliot’s hair, and down his back. The hitter knew he should put up more of a fight, hell he didn't get his bad-ass reputation for scratching his balls, but his body was worn out from his earlier boxing workout. Besides, he knew Nathan would be pissed at him, he just hadn’t expected this. The last time he had been suspended like this he had gotten his ass paddled so hard it had taken several days before he was able to sit down comfortably again. He so wasn't looking forward to a repeat session. The pain had been unbearable and Nate had made sure to get his point through to Eliot, long after the hitter had broken down and cried. Eliot cursed himself for getting caught in the same undesirable position again.

Once his shoes and socks were gone, Eliot felt his belt and zipper being undone. He blushed slightly when he remembered his caged cock.

“You’re doing great, Eliot. Nothing to be embarrassed about, Steve is familiar with a cock cage, aren’t you?”

“Yes sir.” Steve replied as he carefully tugged Eliot’s jeans and underwear over his cock.

“How are you doing Eliot? Do you need a drink? Do you need to take a leak?” Nate asked.

Eliot’s head bobbed up and down, “Yes, yes sir.”

“Okay. I’m going to let Steve take care of everything. You may speak to him, if you have any questions. I will come back after he is finished.” Nate informed his unruly slave. With a nod to Steve, he left the room. Eliot heard the door open and close in the room behind him. The next sound he was aware of was of someone, most likely Steve, moving around.

“Which do you need to do first, Eliot? Take a leak or have something to drink?” Steve asked softly.

“Need to piss, badly.” Eliot replied equally softly.

“Okay then, let’s get this cage off and get you taken care of. I’ve placed a pail underneath you.”

“Okay.” Eliot grumbled as felt his cheeks heat up at the thought of someone, a stranger, watching him take a piss.

Soft but firm hands inserted the key into the padlock on the plastic cock cage, then gently released Eliot’s cock from its prison. Eliot felt a warm cloth being gently wrapped around his sore cock. “When you are done, I’ll clean you up. I’m going to move away now, to give you some privacy.”

“Thank you.” Eliot murmured.

Five minutes later, Eliot heard the sound of the pail being moved across the room, then the sound of feet moving back towards him. “I have a cold bottle of water. I will help you drink. Tell me when to stop.”

Eliot was grateful for the cool liquid sliding down his throat and wetting his dry mouth. He didn’t drink too much because he didn’t want the embarrassment of having to take another leak.

When he was finished, he asked, “What happens now?”

“I am going to attach a spreader bar to your ankles.” Steve told Eliot.

Eliot nodded to show he understood what was happening.

Once the bar was in place, it took everything Eliot had to not test the restraints holding him upright. Instead, he did some deep breathing exercises in an attempt to calm his nerves and mind.

When he heard the door open and close in the back of the room, Eliot didn’t know how long he had been left alone in the silent room. Because he was still blindfolded he relied strongly on his other senses, but with no sound to be heard he felt completely lost in the dark. His arms were starting to hurt, his thighs had started to ache and he was feeling really uncomfortable. The sound of footsteps moving towards him, then the scrape of what sounded like a chair being moved, caused Eliot’s body to tense, “Nate? Is that you, sir?”

“Yes.” Nate replied as he sat his chair down far enough away that his slave could hear his voice, but not make out his movements. “I don’t know what go into you Eliot, but you cannot pull a stunt like that without consequences. If a patrol had picked you up, my ass would be on the line and I will not allow that to happen. I am very disappointed in you. I thought I could trust you, but I can't. I thought you respected me, but clearly you don't. Otherwise you would not have blatantly ignored my direct order. Do you have anything to say for yourself before punishment begins?”

Eliot thought for a few moments, every explanation he had in his mind now sounded flimsy, but he knew that Nate expected him to answer his question. “I was restless and angry. When I saw you asleep at the table, I didn’t really think, I just left. I ran until I was on the block where Peter’s gym is located. I’ve known him for several years and I knew where he always left a key for me.”

“I see.” Nate replied.

“Honestly, Nate, um, sir, I didn’t plan it, I just did it. When I first realized that I had left the flat and was running, it was my intention to be back before you woke up.”

Nate snorted. “So you think it's ok for you to break the rules as long as you do it behind my back. This is by far the flimsiest explanation I've ever heard.” Nate replied sourly.

“I’m Sorry, sir, but it's the only explanation I've got.” Eliot said. “I’m really sorry I disappointed you, sir because I do respect you. I…I admit I haven't been showing it very well lately, but I will do better. I won’t do it again, sir.”

Nate snorted again, “You mean next time you won’t let yourself get caught so easily.”

Eliot’s face turned pink. He felt guilty; that was exactly what he had been thinking, but when Nate spoke the words out loud he realized how bad his behavior really was. Ouch.

“It took me a while to decide on a suitable punishment for you, Eliot. I admire and like your free spirit. I don’t want to break it, I just want to get you to understand and accept that you are to follow my orders. It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree, that is not your place. You are my slave and this is your reality now.” Nate said as he got up and began walking towards his disobedient slave.

“I am not going to lie to you, this will hurt, but I won’t break the skin.” Nate told Eliot as he brushed the leather whip over Eliot’s bare shoulders and chest. “This is my favorite whip; well it’s actually a cat-of-nine-tails. It is made of very soft leather, don’t you agree?”

Goosebumps started to rise all over Eliot’s body as he felt the tails of the whip brush against his naked body. Clenching his jaw, to keep from yelling, Eliot decided to just nod his head in agreement.

Nate walked around Eliot, so that he was standing behind him, brushing the nine tails upward over Eliot’s chest and shoulders, where he paused. “The flat cones on the end of each tail add an extra stinging sensation.” Nate added casually, knowing that the suspense must be killing his slave.

Eliot growled.

Nate clucked his tongue, “Don’t worry, there will be no lacerations or bruising to your skin, but you will have a very red and sore backside afterwards. I’m not going to make you count them out like last time. I don’t expect you to be quiet, which is why you are here in my playroom, where it is sound-proofed. I assume your role is clear and that you have no further questions?

Eliot shook his head, as the tails slid down his back and over his bare buttocks. “No sir.”

Nate stepped back, his eyes watching Eliot. He noticed that his slave tried not to tense up, but was failing. He waited a little longer before landing the first blow.

“Fuck!” Eliot yelled at the feel of the soft leather biting into the skin of his back. Before he could gather his breath, the next lash landed. The blindfold heightened his sense of touch, making Eliot more aware of each individual tail and where it landed on his body. Nate didn’t pause between strikes as he landed one after another on Eliot’s back. Eliot’s body was shaking and his back was a bright red color when Nate gave his one final lash of the whip across Eliot’s back.

Eliot had tears falling down his face and his jaw ached from being clenched. When he didn’t feel another bite from the whip, Eliot let out the breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. He gasped, as he took in much needed oxygen.

“Easy. Breathe Eliot. You did great. Now breathe in and out, slowly.” Nate instructed him gently as he stroked his damp hair and neck. We’re almost finished.”

Nate waited until his slave’s breaths had evened out and he knew that Eliot could handle more.

Eliot screamed when he felt the stinging of the tails on his bare ass. He mentally stopped counting after ten lashes. His mind and body were on fire and his muscles ached. Before the last lash hit his hot ass, Eliot was sobbing and begging Nate to quit.

Nate dropped the whip after twenty-five lashes and then walked around so that he was in front of Eliot. He took the hitters face between his hands and gently pushed the blindfold off. Hurt, blue eyes rimmed in red stared back at him.

“It’s over. You did well.” Nate told him softly as he brushed the hair out of Eliot’s eyes. “Relax, take a deep breath. You’re alright. Steve is going to take care of you. When he is finished, he will bring you back to the flat.” Before he left, Nate kissed Eliot on his forehead. “Anything you need, just tell Steve.”
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